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Neuro-rehab Awareness Day 13th August 2017


We are excited to share with the Hunter community we have received ethics clearance to commence the first clinical trial involving a Rex Bionics exoskeleton to provide robotic exercise therapy to Hunter residents more>


HELLEN is an acronym for Hunter’s Exoskeleton for Lower Limb Exercise and Neuro-rehabilitation.

HELLEN is AIN‘s first UPSTANDING project and an Australian FIRST.

HELLEN is a Rex Bionics exoskeleton for the exclusive use of the Hunter community. HELLEN has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation.

HELLEN is the FIRST Australian owned hands-free, self-supporting robot, enabling individuals with neurological conditions to stand, walk and participate in robotic exercise therapy.

What is robotic exercise therapy you ask?  The short version is this:  The robotic devices are tailored for assisting different functions of an arm, leg, ankle etc through therapeutic training, and assessing the performance or the ability of the individual to move.

The Australian Institute of Neuro-rehabilitation, better known as AIN, is dedicated to raising funds to make HELLEN accessible to Hunter residents in need of ongoing access to neuro-rehabilitation services.  The AIN is working with the University of Newcastle, engaging in ground-breaking research with HELLEN.  This research measures the functional, health and quality of life outcomes for Hunter residents with acquired brain injuries who have undertaken exercise with HELLEN.

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Every $375.00 raised enables us to put ONE Hunter resident through a thorough assessment and trial to determine their suitability to use and benefit from exercising in HELLEN.
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